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Tsung-Hsueh Lu


No. 1, University Road, Department of Public Health College of Medicine,
National Cheng Kung University, Tainan 70101, Taiwan
Office: +886-6-2353535 ext. 5867/5567
fax: +886-6-2359033
Email: robertlu@mail.ncku.edu.tw


1979-1986     MD, Chung Shan Medical & Dental College, Taichung, Taiwan
1986-1990     MPH, Institution of Public Health, National Taiwan University, Taipei
1991-1993     Military army service
1993-1996     Resident, Department of Family Medicine, Chung Shan Medical & Dental College Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan
1997-2006     PhD, Institution of Health Policy and Management, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, Taipei

Work Experiences
1993-2001     Instructor, Department of Public Health, Chung Shan Medical & Dental College
2001-2003     Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of Public Health, Chung Shan Medical University, Taichung
1996-2003     Principal Staff, Department of Family Medicine, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, Taichung
2003-2010     Associate Professor, Institute of Public Health, College of Medicine, National Chen Kung University, Tainan
2010-            Professor, Institute of Public Health, College of Medicine, National Chen Kung University, Tainan

1999-2007   Editorial Board, Injury Prevention 

Assessing Quality of Cause-of-death Mortality data
During the past decade, Dr Lu spent a lot of time in assessing and improving the quality of cause-of-death (COD) mortality data in Taiwan. He kept on helping the Department of Health of Taiwan to setup the automating system of COD mortality data. He also cooperated with colleagues in International Collaborative Efforts (ICE) on Automating Mortality Data initiated by the National Center for Health Statistics of the United State to evaluate the comparability of COD mortality data across countries. Dr Lu is especially interested in examining the COD certification behaviors of physicians and their impacts on COD statistics. Recently, he also did some studies on the use of multiple-cause-of-death mortality data.

Social Inequalities in Injury Mortality
Social epidemiology is another research interest of Dr Lu. He is now investigating the trends in social inequalities in road traffic accident mortality in Taiwan and their associations with rapid economic development during the past decades. He also interests in examining the possible effects of some intervention policies, such as motorcycle helmet law, in tackling the inequalities in injury mortality.

Suicide methods
Witness the dramatic increasing of suicide rates in Taiwan since middle 1990’s, Dr Lu become an active advocator in introducing the public health approach in suicide prevention, i.e., restricting the access of lethal method. His study indicated that the suicide rate by poisoning with pesticides was positively correlated with the proportion of the county population that was agricultural and the suicide rate by jumping from heights was positively correlated with the proportion of the population that resided above the 6th floor. Dr Lu is now focusing on the epidemiological studies on the suicides by charcoal burning, jumping from the heights and pesticides in Taiwan and hope to provide more relevant information in designing effective prevention programs. 

Courses Instructed
Public Health History, Theory and Practice
Globalization and Public Health
Social Epidemiology
Epidemiology and Health Services
Epidemiology and Health Policy
Thesis Writing


Research Output/ Projects